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Quantitative EEG (Brain Mapping)

The QEEG is a non-invasive and painless procedure that allows us to identify and track electrical activity of the brain. The recording of your brain activity is used to construct a visual map that shows us likely areas of the brain that need more support and reinforcement.

Upon receiving your results, we meet with you to discuss the findings of the brain map, and with consideration of your specified goals, plan the direction of your neurofeedback training.


At Brain Excel we include follow-up QEEGs after the initial one, in order to track how the changes you have made throughout the training are coming along, and make any necessary adjustments.     

Brain Excel neurofeedback and QEEG consultation

Why is the QEEG "brain map" important?

QEEG offers relevant information on how your brain performs. By using an analysis of your brain across different EEG frequencies and comparing it against "normative" database, we can identify brain wave markers that correspond to functional brain performance issues. This information helps us gain a better understanding of your brain, and in accordance with your current complaints or goals, provides us with a guide for meeting your brain performance objectives.        

Neurofeedback for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression
QEEG brain mapping for cognitive and psychological health

What to expect during the QEEG appointment:

  • The QEEG brain scan takes about 60+ minutes, the process is painless and non-invasive

  • You will be fitted with an 19-channel sensor headset which records your brain waves from various locations on the scalp non-invasively. This headset will be injected with a water soluble non-toxic “gel” that helps us get a clean reading and recording of brain activity.

  • First we will record 5-10 minutes of your brain activity with your eyes closed, then an additional 5-10min with your eyes open.

  • Make sure to come with clean and thoroughly dried hair. Make sure to AVOID CONDITIONER and shampoos with conditioner, and that hair is devoid of any product whatsoever. The waxes and oils in those products make it very hard to get a good signal, and. would delay completed the QEEG 

  • PLEASE AVOID CAFFEINE (including decaf) AND CHOCOLATE from after 4pm the day before and until after your QEEG appointment. Otherwise don’t do anything differently in terms of your eating or sleeping habits.

  • please hold all supplements on the day of until after the QEEG

  • get a normal to good night's rest the night before (no significant sleep

  • disturbance)

  • do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior

  • Please discuss any medications you are on with us before scheduling your QEEG.

QEEG and neurofeedback for childre n

The Brain Excel difference

QEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback benefits

Brain Excel provides all clients with follow-up QEEGs every 20-30 neurofeedback sessions at no extra cost. This allows a constant overview on the changes and improvements the client is making in the course of the training.

The example in the image is consistent with a minimum of 1-2 standard deviations of change in the features of the brain map that is typical for most of our clients after the first 20+ sessions.

As your brain evolves throughout the training, we can use follow-up QEEGs to narrow in on specific targets, and allow a client to refine their brain performance. Continuous reassessment of the brain offers the highest possible level of precision for both brain training, and possible lifestyle changes.

The shift of brainwave activity that has been documented from neurofeedback training, has consistently corresponded to specific changes in brain regulatory functions. These biochemical and circulatory changes translate to better cognitive and psycho-emotional wellness.    

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