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Neurofeedback is a reward-based, painless, non-invasive, and drug free training system, that improves brain performance at a very fundamental level. The main reason that neurofeedback works, is because of the ability of the brain to reorganize itself, in response to the information it receives from the environment, called neuroplasticity. By using your brain’s inherent ability to seek rewards in the form of information, visual and auditory cues are paired with certain brain wave activity, causing the brain to reproduce the activity with which the cues were paired. Specific neurofeedback training protocols are able to steer the brain into a more regulated and stable state, through the classical learning process of operant conditioning. This brain training modality does not require you to consciously exert any effort, although the brain is busy processing the audio and visual feedback it is receiving. By being gently guided to produce specific brain waves that influence a more desirable mood, behavior, performance and traits, neurofeedback can offer many individuals life changing, and even life saving results!

Neurofeedback session for all ages

What are the benefits of neurofeedback?

No matter how well the brain functions, it can always function better! Perfection is more of a journey and less of a concrete destination, and when it comes to the function of the human nervous system, the limits of its functional ability still remain undiscovered.

Neurofeedback targets broad regulatory function, including attention, mood, self-control, sleep, energy, stress, as well as migraines and seizures. Research has verified the consistent success of neurofeedback in treating anxiety disorders, age-related cognitive degeneration, addiction, autism spectrum symptoms and more.

Neurofeedback is also effective at triggering a deep state of relaxation (for anxiety, overstimulation, or even creativity), or to train the brain to have better stability and increased metabolism. At Brain Excel we provide only high quality, research backed, and evidence-based services to ensure you receive the best opportunity to improve your brain and your life.

How Does It Work?
Brain training is similar to physical exercise, in that the more your brain trains, the more observable the results. After training regularly, you may experience a shift in your cognitive performance and even in your emotional state. Unlike physical training, exercising your brain with neurofeedback typically requires only 20-30 sessions to make noticeable and permanent changes. After 30-40 sessions, most individuals report positive (neurological) improvement.

What can I expect during a neurofeedback session?
You will have up to 5 sensors gently attached to your scalp, which will read your brainwaves. Depending on the type of session, you will either play a video game or watch a series of images accompanied by sounds that change in accordance with your brain waves. Each session lasts about 30 minutes.

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